Using one’s gifts without fear

Everyone has talents, abilities, something extraordinary to offer to the world to make it better, to change it, to add something different to it, something exceptional. But many people never succeed in using that special thing they have. Why is it like this? Most of the time, it’s because of fear. A fear of failure, of being rejected by others, or not having a good enough idea. Yet, despite all these reasons, some people overcome these fears, and as a result, some end up rich, reaching fame, contributing to the betterment of today’s society, etc… However, there are some who only fail, even after trying many times. Such is life sometimes.

Success is not assured in any case, but if an opportunity is presented to use one’s gift, to employ one’s talent, one should take it on without fear, and with a mindset of success, a desire to succeed at it. One will never know, unless one tries. What particular thing do you have? What idea do you have in your mind that you would like to realize? What gifts can you offer to the world, that can make a difference? The world is full of needs to fill, of problems to solve, of innovations and progress to make, is it possible that you hold a solution to something through your hidden gifts? To use ones gifts without fear: it means saying that no matter what may come of it, that “I am going to try despite it all, I have nothing to lose (that can’t be gotten again), but everything to gain.”