Seek the One who blesses, not the blessing

Contrary to the current thought, the one that the majority of Christians learn and follow, the one that teaches us to seek the blessing of God, it is necessary to cease this constant search for the blessing and it is time for us to begin to seek out the source, the One who blesses.  Although the Bible gives us many scriptures about seeking the blessing, it gives us many more about seeking our Creator, and how we should seek God, and believe that He will supply our needs, and that He will give us our desires and dreams

I am thinking about two key scriptures that we recite habitually when it comes to this subject.  One of the two exhorts us to seek, to ask, and to knock to receive (Matthew 7:7).  This is the manner that I would call “direct” or “frank”. “God, I want a new car, a new job, more money, a husband or a wife, and so on.”  This is a completely valid and biblical way of doing things, and if we have the faith that God hears us, and if we don’t doubt in our hearts, sooner or later, we will have what we asked for (Matthew 21:22).  However, all too often, we end up disappointed, either because of the wait (which brings doubt and then we give up completely), or because, despite having received what we asked for, there is still a void, something that the blessing can’t fill, and this is what is covered in the second scripture.

Without the the presence of the One who blesses, the blessing, the desire, or the dream don’t really have any true value.  Yes, we can profit from them, we get a measure of happiness from the, we feel good for a while, but deep down, we end up noticing that, at the end, it all leads to nothing (seeking the blessing only).  And we can’t really understand why, until we discover the key of the second scripture.  “Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart…” (Psalm 37:4).  In this scripture, we can see not only the key for receiving what we want, but also the reason why we receive it.  It’s a reciprocal cycle. We delight ourselves in the Lord, and then, He gives us more reasons for us to delight ourselves in Him.  It is more difficult to only pray “thank you Lord, I love you”, and then believe that He is going to supply our needs and grant us our desires, than to just ask Him for them directly.  Yet, the more difficult is it to believe, and the more we make an effort to do it, the more we work our faith, and in the end, the more we please God (Hebrews 11:6).  And similar to our earthly relationships, the more we are satisfied and happy with someone, the easier it becomes to do this or that, and not by obligation, but because we want to do it.

All this to say finally, if we develop a deep, love-filled, intimate relationship with the One who blesses, it is certain that our desires will be granted, and that our needs will be supplied, because “He knows what we have need of even before we take it to Him in prayer (Matthew 6:8).”  When we pray, let’s take a little more time to adore him and bask in His presence, and a little less to talk to him about our list of demands.  Let us seek the One who blesses, not the blessing.  We can’t do very much with a blessing, but with the One who blesses, nothing is impossible.