Custom PHP Applications / Components

E-commerce site. Modified shopping cart with custom PHP components to permit additional functionality
Cape Fear Tours Itinerary Function
Ajax/PHP/jQuery additions to the Wordpress site to allow users logged in to create an itinerary from the activities and locations on the site. Itinerary can be saved and retrieved from the database.
Cover 32
Custom PHP modifications to the wordpress RSS feed to allow 32 sub-sites (Wordpress Multi-site) to show their content on the master home page.
Crestcom Leadership
Multiple Joomla plugins and modifications to expand the user area and admin functionality. Addition of user levels for access to premium content and conference registrations.
Custom Fit Meals System Plugin
Order system plugin built for Wordpress to display different types of meals and allow users to create orders to be picked up each week. Reporting and meal administration back-end.
Hip to Save Binder Modifications
PHP modifications to the user "binder" to allow saving of coupons.
Mediassociates Tracking Portal
PHP retrieval / modification and sorting of data from MySQL database for displaying for 3 different user groups based on access level.
Meridien Marketing
Modifications to the existing (unfinished) administration dashboard to allow user administration and reporting. Integration with Crocodocs to allow users and staff to view and comment on furniture catalogs available on the site.
Custom Codeigniter application. Allows clients to collect data in MySQL database on patients electronically and access that information through generated PDFs. Uses JSON feed generated by the application to allow the same questions and audio to be available both on the web and iPad application.
Music Medic
Magento template. Complete migration of all products from custom platform to Magento.
Pink Gloves Boxing Plugin
Wordpress plugin for data collection specific to the site and beyond the capabilities of vanilla Wordpress.
Ripped Fit
Custom Yii Framework reservation management for treadmill gym in NYC. Allows user registration and reservation through graphical layouts of the gym and purchasing of credits to make the reservations. Uses CIM to store and manage credit card information. Instructor and Admin level back allows for management of classes and reservations, reporting and scheduling.
Switch On Ohio
Custom Yii Framework application to allow residents of Ohio to compare supplier electricity rates and sign up for offers. Offers / Suppliers / Providers updated each day through XML feed. Application back-end allows manual administration for the site.
Tellallgram Form
Wordpress / AJAX addition for the preview / sending of telegrams from the site. Original site no longer in production
Custom Codeigniter framework e-commerce platform for jewelry purchasing and random-drawing giveaways. / Paypal integration for payment processing. Custom Ajax search for the products. Administration panel for managing orders / customers / reporting
The Newton Institute
Custom Wordpress plugin for geographical search of therapists. Dues payment system that sends out notifications and uses Paypal for processing and IPN for automatic status updates.
The Produce Box CIM PHP SDK integration with custom built order / box management system which automatically processed orders received each week from members. Original website no longer in production.
The TPS Magento Inventory Upload
Custom PHP script to convert old cart data to Magento importable CSV format.
Tws Tackle Fishing Reports/Photo Gallery
Custom Joomla plugin to allow Fishing report / image uploads, and displaying of that data.
University of Rio Grande Search Function
MySQL modifications / optimizations to PHP search form.
Wellcare Health Referral Form
Multi-step AJAX / jQuery / PHP form addition to the site.